Barber Dam Relicensing Schedule

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The relicensing schedule will be maintained and updated to show upcoming deliverables, comment deadlines, and scheduled meetings.

Activity Responsibility Time Frame Deadline
File NOI, PAD, and Request to use TLP Applicants 5 to 5 ½ years before license expiration November 30, 2018
Comment on TLP Request Stakeholders Within 30 days of TLP Request submittal December 31, 2018
Issue Public Notice of NOI, PAD, and decision on TLP Request FERC Within 60 days of NOI, PAD, and TLP Request submittal February 6, 2019
Notify FERC of Joint Meeting and publish notice in newspaper Applicants At least 15 days in advance of Joint Meeting March 6, 2019
Joint Meeting for consultation with agencies, tribes and interested public Applicants Within 30-60 days of FERC’s approval of TLP Request March 21, 2019
Comment on PAD and submit study requests Stakeholders Within 60 days of Joint Meeting May  20, 2019
Develop Study Plans Applicants Following receipt of PAD comments and study requests June – August 2019*
Conduct Field Studies Applicants Following development of study plans August 2019 – October 2020*
Summarize Study Results, develop Draft License Application (DLA), and distribute to Stakeholders Applicants Following conclusion of studies April 2021*
Comment on Study Results and DLA Stakeholders 90-day comment period July 2021*
Develop Final License Application (FLA) and file with FERC Applicants No later than 2 years before current license expires November 30, 2021
Current license expires FERC 40 years after effective date of current license November 30, 2023

*Notes: Dates are estimates and will be refined and updated through the relicensing process. Dates in bold have occurred in the past.

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