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Charles Montgomery has over 40 years of experience in the construction field and provides Claims and Construction Consulting in Southern California. He has provided expert witness testimony in state and federal courts, has provided deposition testimony in over 150 cases, and testified at trial or arbitration numerous times in matters ranging from contract disputes, construction defect cases, surety takeovers, and contractor standard of care.

Charles’ primary area of expertise is complex contract and performance matters, with a special focus on federal government claims. He has represented contractors and owners, including the United States government, in matters involving delay, project performance, and change order disputes. His experience includes all aspects of contracting, including: surety, construction defect, and project delay; disruption claims; forensic cost analysis; and the management to completion of defaulted projects. His claims experience covers general engineering, specialty subcontractors, and general building construction. Charles provides litigation support services to the insurance, legal, and contracting communities. He also provides building envelope commissioning and quality assurance functions, emphasizing the critical need to rein in costly failures due to marginal workmanship and substandard assemblies. With the introduction of new performance standards, complex architectural systems and an ever-challenged work force, his drive for quality in construction adds value to the industry.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Federal contract claims
  • Rule 26 Reports
  • Construction defect investigations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Delay and disruption claims
  • Time impact analysis
  • Surety performance bond claims
  • Payment bond claims
  • License bond claims
  • Contractor performance audits
  • Takeover construction management
  • Subrogation support
  • Preconstruction consulting
  • Change order support
  • Property condition assessments
  • Quality assurance inspections