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Kent Winger has been providing construction dispute resolution and scheduling analysis services to public and private owner clients with the firm since 1989. He is skilled at claims preparation and analysis, strategic claims avoidance, and construction contract administration and management on design and construction projects. Because of his legal background, Kent is knowledgeable about the basis for legal entitlement theories and legal precedent for claims analysis and methodology.

Kent’s construction claims-related project experience includes reviewing records for relevant facts and data, interpreting contract documents, identifying and analyzing project delay issues, evaluating entitlement for changes, and analyzing CPM schedules for the effects of the delaying events. He is skilled in writing reports that present facts, issues, and findings; reviewing claimed additional costs resulting from delay, extra work, and disruption; and preparing graphics for use in presentations. He has participated in settlement negotiations and mediations, and given expert testimony at depositions, arbitrations, bench trials, and a jury trial.

Kent has provided these services on over 140 assignments involving a wide variety of construction projects including healthcare facilities, prisons, residential properties, commercial buildings, educational facilities, libraries, transit and transportation projects, hospitality projects, airport facility expansions, several new sewer projects, and sewer rehabilitation projects.

He has also provided oversight of prime, subcontract, and joint venture contract management on the firm’s tunnel design and construction management projects. He is skilled at identifying provisions in contract language that may be problematic regarding liability, indemnification, and insurance coverage, and has recommended changes in language to eliminate or mitigate the risk from problematic contract issues. He has participated in the procurement of the firm’s professional liability insurance, served on the Board of Directors, and is a trustee of the company’s 401(k) plan.

Prior to McMillen Jacobs Associates, Kent worked for general building contractors as a Project Manager and a Cost and Scheduling Engineer.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Construction claims evaluation, analysis, and preparation
  • Schedule and delay analyses
  • Job cost, labor distribution, and certified payroll analysis
  • Construction contract administration
  • Project controls, contracts review, contract management, and budget and cost tracking