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Design with Vision. Build with Integrity. When Marissa Emmons (aka my sister) came up with our company slogan, our firm consisted of 10 people and we had opened no more than 100 projects total between engineering and construction. In the last 10 years, we have received well over 1000 contracts and now have over 200 people working in our division. While this round figure itself has no special significance, as the co-founder of McMillen, I can reflect on our great variety of work and take pride in the achievements of the smartest and hardest-working consultants and construction experts in the industry.

As MK’s Harry Morrison once said, “But in our line of business, we have no time to look back, unless it be to profit by past experience in solving today’s and tomorrow’s problems.” Taking Harry’s advice, I look forward with pride and excitement to the complex, challenging work we are doing in 2021 and to the amazing clients who have chosen to work with our talented engineering and construction team.

To look back on our early days, it would have been hard to imagine that in such a short period of time we would have the opportunity to perform construction on the USACE Coolidge Dam, NW Energy Morony Dam Gates, and Portland General Electric Faraday Powerhouse; design the Puget Sound Energy Lower Baker Dam Spillway Replacement; work with FCA on the largest horizontal fish screen; or work on a design-build project with Mort’s alma mater, Stanford University, on the Searsville Dam. We’re currently working on the licensing for Grant Lake in Alaska, and it’s amazing that we have the capabilities to take a hydroelectric project from the licensing through construction stages as we have for the Allison Creek project. And while all those new projects and clients are exciting, we also are proud of the fact that our first two clients, NRCS and USFWS, remain two of our key clients. Finally, when we started, we could not have anticipated serving as the Owner’s Representative to remove 4 large dams on the Lower Klamath River.

For being part of the team that helped realize these amazing accomplishments, we extend a deeply felt “Thank you!” to all the amazing women and men that took a chance to come work for Mort and me. We appreciate all of you, and as you’ve heard me say before, “Get your track shoes on!” because 2021 is going to be one hell of a busy year.

Mara McMillen – President, Water Resources Division

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