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In 2019 the Water Resource Division celebrated our 15th year anniversary! How can I effectively summarize what we have accomplished together and emphasize our appreciation for clients who have been with us for years?

This is a lot harder than it sounds—after all, in just a few words, how can we condense the meaning of our work and express our commitment to getting the job done and doing it right? We spent the last quarter of 2019 developing a phrase that encapsulates who we are and what makes us different. There are a lot of companies that can deliver design-build, construction, or engineering projects, but why do I have such a sense of pride in our employees’ ability to continuously execute successful projects despite challenges–Come Hell or High Water.

This phrase first appeared in the 1880s, strongly pointing to cattle ranching as the origin where cattlemen overcame the obstacles of extreme heat and high water at every river crossing.  The phrase then became a standard saying to describe your willingness to do whatever it takes to overcome difficulties or obstacles.  One can imagine construction crews saying this as they built the major infrastructure that modernized the West.   The designers and the builders of that time could not imagine the feats that we pull off today or the technology that makes them possible. But we do think we share the same spirit with those early pioneers.

If there’s a way, we will find it.

If there’s a deadline, we will meet it.

If there’s a challenge, we will rise to it.

If there’s potential, we will explore it.

If there’s a problem, we will solve it.

We will always find a way forward; that’s our promise to you—in 2020 and beyond. We will get the job done, no matter what.

Come Hell or High Water


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