Come Hell or High Water Award Winners for February and March

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McMillen Jacobs Water Resources division is proud to recognize our Come Hell or Highwater Award Winners for February and March. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional commitment to one of our largest construction projects and have delivered extraordinary service to ensure the Water Resources team is connected and supported while we’re working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawrence Wiley

Congratulations to Lawrence Wiley, our Come Hell or Highwater Award Winner for February!

Lawrence is a concrete superintendent with more than 20 years of experience working on new and rehabilitation projects from bridges to active gas plants. His experience in the construction industry with interviewing and selecting qualified labor was instrumental in recruiting a 40+ team of hard-working, smart, and trained concrete personnel.  We were able to utilize that talent on other projects including Bliss Dam, Malad Dam, and the South Fork Powerhouse.

That same concrete team is currently working weekdays and weekends on the Faraday Powerhouse project, where they will place 15,000 cubic yards of concrete over the next few months. In addition, Lawrence kept a watchful eye, from dusk to dawn, monitoring the water rise behind our cofferdam to ensure that there would be no overtopping or breach to halt our construction progress. He did all of this with 8 hours of sleep over a span of 4 days! That’s what going the extra mile means and getting the job done literally Come Hell or High Water.

Adonis “AJ” Jones and James Thomason

Congratulations to Adonis “AJ” Jones and James Thomason, our Come Hell or Highwater Award Winners for March!

March was a unique and interesting time for us as a company and country.  In the span of two weeks, we had 400 personnel move from working in their office to their homes.  In essence, we went from 18 offices to 400 offices!  During this transition period our IT Managers, AJ and James stepped up and worked incredible hours to make sure our administrative, engineering and construction staff continued working on projects, conduct video presentations, hold team virtual meetings and keep our cash flow and business moving forward. From delivering ethernet cables and laptops to employee’s homes to setting up SharePoint sites and responding to numerous IT support calls and emails, AJ and James have gone above and beyond expectations and embodied what it truly means to get the job done. The Water Resources team appreciates all that they did and continue to do for us, Come Hell or High Water!