Congratulations to our Newest California PE's

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McMillen Jacobs Water Resources Division is excited to announce both Zachary Autin and Gavin Smith have passed their survey and seismic exams to become our newest California PE’s!

Zachary Autin, PE is a Structural Engineer with more than 10 years of experience on water resources projects from the feasibility phase through construction. Zachary has been involved with the concrete and steel design of various hydropower facilities and fish control structures. He has participated in the design and construction administration of several hurricane flood control structures, pump stations, and port enhancement projects including new bulkhead construction. His most recent experience in California includes the Merced Falls Dam FERC Part 12D Project with Merced Irrigation District. He was responsible for reviewing the structural section of the Support Technical Information Document (STID) regarding the concrete stability analysis of the needle beam and radial gate spillways, radial gate analysis, needle beam analysis, and general documentation.

Gavin Smith, PE is a Structural Engineer and Hydraulic Steel Structures (HSS) Specialist with 14 years of experience with a strong focus on heavy civil and structural engineering. He has participated in numerous upgrades to hydroelectric projects, navigation locks, and non-overflow dams. Gavin has designed, installed, and/or commissioned a wide variety of HSS, including radial gates for both spillways and regulating outlets, vertical lift spillway gates, maintenance stoplogs and bulkheads, emergency gates for turbine rejection, navigation lock miter gates, flood gates, Obermeyer, slide, sluice, fixed-wheel, and telescoping weir gates. He is currently serving on the United States Society on Dams (USSD) Gates and Valves Subcommittee which is under the broader Committee on Hydraulics of Dams.

Congratulations Zachary and Gavin!