Cyarera Bridge Build with Bridges to Prosperity: Providing Safe Access for a Rwandan Community

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McMillen Jacobs Associates has partnered with Traylor Bros. and Kokosing to build a 150-meter footbridge in Rwanda, in collaboration with the humanitarian organization Bridges to Prosperity. The Cyarera Suspension Bridge will connect areas within Rwanda’s Nyanza region and create a safe pedestrian network. The McMillen Jacobs team includes Brian Briggs, Brooke Carnes, Heather Hughes-Adams, Christopher Nelsen, and Janet O’Brien.

Over the next five years, Bridges to Prosperity, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda and local Communities, will construct connections for the entire country, providing safe access for more than 1 million rural Rwandese. The Cyarera Suspension Bridge will be one of the longest bridges the organization has done to date.

For the residents of the Cyarera, Gatongati and Masangano communities, there is no dry season. The 1,900+ residents living near the future build site of the Cyarera Suspension Bridge must make the difficult decision daily whether they should attempt to cross, or let their children attempt to cross, in order to reach critical resources. The new footbridge will provide safe, year-round access for members of the Cyarera, Gatongati and Masangano communities, providing enhanced access to empower the communities out of poverty.

The team has conducted multiple planning sessions with Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda to prepare for the two-week build this October. They continue to prepare by studying bridge plans, creating work and safety plans, getting vaccinations, and getting ready to work 8-12 hours a day on the trip. They are all excited about helping this community.

To support our team in this effort, please visit our fundraising site to make a donation.

The entire Bridge Build team thanks you in advance for your support as they embark on this great pursuit and we look forward to sharing progress on the project.

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