Derby Dam Horizontal Fish Screen Project Wins a 2021 IPI Partnered Project of the Year Award

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The Derby Dam Horizontal Fish Screen CMAR Project has won a 2021 International Partnering Institute (IPI) Partnered Project of the Year Award, for the outstanding collaborative effort put forth by McMillen Jacobs, Granite Construction, Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA), and the US Bureau of Reclamation (BUREC)! The level of the award will be announced at the IPI Awards Ceremony on June 4, 2021.

Completed in the Fall of 2020, the nation’s largest horizontal fish screen at Derby Dam restores watershed connectivity and supports fish movement along the Truckee River, promoting both the recovery of the federally threatened Lahontan Cutthroat Trout as well as fishing and recreation opportunities in Nevada. BUREC (Owner) entered into a cooperative agreement with FCA (Contractor) to design, construct, and commission the horizontal fish screen. FCA selected McMillen Jacobs to advance the 30% preliminary design drawings to 100% construction drawings and provided engineering support during construction. Granite provided the construction through a CMAR contract.

Partnering was critical for this project. All members of the project team remained committed to teamwork and collaboration throughout the duration of the project, which was put on an accelerated schedule during the early stages of design. The importance of partnering was established from the beginning of the design and construction process. The collaborative effort, the common vision, and the effective and clear communication at every level of the project were a key to success.

Congratulations to the Derby Dam team – Vincent Autier (Project Manager), Mort McMillen (Principle-In-Charge / Fish Screen Expert), Kevin Jensen (Design Lead / Civil Engineer), Mark Merklein (Structural Engineer), Greg Allington (Permitting Support), Don Jarrett (Mechanical Engineer), Matt Lawson (Electrical Engineer).