Doan Valley Storage Tunnel Project Wins ACEC of Ohio 2022 Engineering Excellence Outstanding Achievement Award

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The Doan Valley Storage Tunnel (DVT) project has been honored with an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Ohio 2022 Engineering Excellence Outstanding Achievement Award. A major component of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s Project Clean Lake program, the Doan Valley Storage Tunnel project now controls 11 permitted combined sewer overflow (CSO) locations reducing over 350 million gallons annually of CSO discharge to Lake Eire. The DVT system was designed to function as both a deep interceptor conveyance sewer and a CSO storage facility.

Through a 7-year contract, the McMillen Jacobs Associates-Wade Trim Joint Venture team performed final design services for this 3.7-mile-long (6 km) tunnel system, which includes an 18-foot-diameter (7.2 m), 9,900-foot-long (3,018 m) CSO storage tunnel, and two 8.5-foot-diameter (2.6 m) conveyance tunnels—6,400 feet and 3,050-feet long (1,950 m and 903 m), respectively—excavated through rock. The system also includes six shafts, several near-surface diversion and flow control structures, regulator modifications, and various consolidation sewers. Construction was completed within budget and is now fully operational.