Gavin Smith Performs Gate Inspections for Idaho Hydroelectric Plant

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Over the past month, structural engineer Gavin Smith has performed several inspections for two new spillway gates, measuring 17’ x 23′. The gates are part of a gate replacement project for a hydroelectric plant in Idaho.

His final inspection looked at the overall condition of the paint system to look for chips, sags, drips and runs, or missing sections of paint. The inspection also reviewed the condition of the new stainless-steel rollers that were installed and took final measurements of their spacing and clearance to other parts of the gate body. The main gate body is fabricated from ASTM A 709 Structural Steel for Bridges. This particular steel is chosen for its toughness, durability, and ability to resist the propagation of cracking due to fatigue in colder temperatures. Rollers were fabricated from 17-4 H1100 which is is a precipitation-hardening martensitic Stainless Steel, which has a higher corrosion resistance comparable to austenitic varieties.

The fabricator then performs a test of the gates verticality while hanging from its lifting lugs.

Gavin has participated in 100+ upgrades to hydroelectric projects, navigation locks, and non-overflow dams, specializing in gate components. He is currently the structural gate engineer for the NorthWestern Energy Morony Dam Spillway Gate Design-Build project.