Gavin Smith Serving on USSD Gates and Valves Subcommittee

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Due to his extensive experience in the planning, design, and commissioning of hydraulic steel structures (HSS), Structural Engineer, Gavin Smith P.E. is serving on the United States Society on Dams (USSD) Gates and Valves Subcommittee which is under the broader Committee on Hydraulics of Dams.

The purpose of its formation is to advance the knowledge of HSS analysis, design, fabrication, installation, construction, instrumentation, and operation. It provides public awareness of the role of HSS in the management of the nation’s water resources and enhances engineering practices to meet current and future challenges.

Gavin will provide his expertise on investigations and reports regarding the standards of practice for topics such as HSS, FEA modeling and analysis, instrumentation of gates, structural detailing of HSS, fracture-critical vs failure critical criteria, HSS fabrication and protective coating standards, and seismic criteria including hydrodynamic loading on HSS.

Over his 14-year career, Gavin has participated in 100+ upgrades to hydroelectric projects, navigation locks, and non-overflow dams, specializing in gate components.