Gregory Fischer Co-Authored Paper Earns AES 2020 Superior Paper Award

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The Aquaculture Engineering Society (AES) honors peer-reviewed journal publications of its members by annually awarding papers in their official journal, Aquacultural Engineering. For 2020, the AES Superior Paper Award goes to John Davidson, Casey Grimm, Steven Summerfelt, Gregory Fischer, Christopher Good for the paper “Depuration system flushing rate affects geosmin removal from market-size Atlantic salmon Salmo salar“

Contributing author, Greg Fischer, Asst. Director/Research Program Manager for University of Wisconsin Stevens Point – Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, also wrote the winning grant proposal awarded by NOAA’s National Sea Grant competition. The three-year grant explored research with Atlantic Salmon. Part of that research looked at “Off-Flavor” the musty/earthy flavor when consuming fish. This can sometimes be an issue in indoor recirculating systems when raising Atlantic Salmon for consumption. The paper focuses on one of the strategies on how to remove those off-flavors from Atlantic Salmon produced through Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

Greg also serves as an Aquaculture Specialist for McMillen Jacobs’ Water Resources Division. He has 26 years of experience with more than 20 different species of warm, cool, and cold-water fish species and their biological needs. He is widely recognized as an expert in RAS and related equipment and operation.

The awarded paper can be found here:…/pii/S0144860920300868

Congratulations Greg on this accomplishment!