Kathryn Albertson Park Phase II Improvements Project Completed

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Kathryn Albertson Park visitors will now be greeted with an updated entrance as Phase II Design-Build improvements have been completed.

The most noticeable entrance improvements include three unique screening walls to conceal utilities from public view and an updated restroom building. Twelve sandstone boulders have also been placed throughout the entrance plaza for park signage. A new picnic area was also developed in the front grass area near the restroom building.
Additional enhancements include drainage improvements, new landscaping focusing on native trees and shrubs, new accessible sidewalks and ramps, signage, artwork, and relocation of three flagpoles.

The project was completed with a “zero-waste” methodology, meaning all removed soil has been reused to build planter areas.

McMillen Jacobs provided design and construction services for Phase II and Phase I improvements. Completed in the Spring of 2020, Phase I included removing invasive trees and trimming areas of overgrowth to enhance views, resetting benches, repairing existing pathways, maintenance on three pedestrian bridges, and repairing the Rookery stone floor and Eyrie brick paver walkways.

The improvement project was a partnership between the City of Boise and the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation.