Long Bridge Project Provides Safe Access to All

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Did you know we aren’t just passionate about building dams and bridges, but we also love building long-lasting relations with the communities we work with?

While McMillen Jacobs crews were working on the US-95 Long Bridge and companion pedestrian bridge, in Sandpoint, ID, they met a very special community member.

Bridgett is a wonderful individual that became the voice of her community to advocate for the improvements needed on Long Bridge. As a person who uses a wheelchair to cross the bridge frequently, Bridgett told stories of the challenges the old and uneven bridge gave her. She gave us insight and perspective of what was needed to ensure the surface and accessibility of the bridge worked and considered how different bodies with different needs use the bridge. Through coordination with the Idaho Transportation Department, McMillen Jacobs was able to take these concerns and make real changes for real users.

Though the changes Bridgett advocated for might not be noticeable to the average person, these changes ensure everyone in the community has safe access to the bridge. We’re excited to watch these changes come to life and see people like Bridgett benefit from her efforts.