McMillen Jacobs Water Resources Division receives General Captive Insurance (GCI) 2020 Risk Control Award

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McMillen Jacobs Associates is a member of a group captive insurance program that manages our Auto, Workers Compensation, and Commercial General Liability Policies on behalf of the company.  As a member of the Captive Insurance Program, we have a responsibility to do our part in managing our risk and claims, which have a direct financial impact on both us and other members of the captive.

McMillen Jacobs Associates is the proud recipient of the General Captive Insurance (GCI) 2020 Risk Control Award.  This award is given to members of GCI who display great dedication towards building a strong safety culture and effective Risk Control program.  Some of the criteria for achieving this award include a high-Risk Control Assessment score, low workers compensation frequency rate, low auto liability frequency rate, regular attendance at semi-annual Risk Control Workshops and Board Meetings, and last but not least, active participation in claim reviews and claim satisfaction surveys.

Any captive members scoring over 90% of their possible points for the above-mentioned criteria qualify to join the President’s Circle. Not only does this help us stand out as a valuable member of the Captive Insurance Program, but it also helps us ensure we’re controlling our insurance costs and preventing large increases in our insurance renewals year over year.

A big thank you goes to Bill Mitchell (Safety Director), Kris Willet (Safety Manager), and Luke Castillo (Site Safety Manager) for helping drive our culture of safety and manage our loss control efforts throughout the year.  We also recognize the efforts of our Project Managers, Superintendents, and Forepersons who are executing site-specific safety plans at each of our job sites where we have boots on the ground.  Thank you for keeping our team safe out there and for representing the type of safety culture we want to be known in the construction industry.