Phase 2 of the Boise River Whitewater Park

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Project Updates: Starting today, McMillen Jacobs’ construction crews are mobilizing to begin the second phase of the Boise River Whitewater Park.

Designed by McMillen Jacobs, Phase II is located on a 0.3 mile stretch of the Boise River between the Main Street Bridge and the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and intended to be a seamless extension of Phase I. The project will include the construction of in-river drops, chutes, natural slaloms, jetties, and instream boulders to maximize the recreational experience on this stretch of the river and will work in concert with the existing Phase I River Park facilities and the adjacent Esther Simplot Park. McMillen Jacobs provided Design-Build services for Esther Simplot Park.

Quoted from an Idaho Statesman article from July 29, 2018, Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation Director, said he’s not concerned about McMillen Jacobs, having the manpower to complete the project on time, given the Treasure Valley’s construction labor shortage.

“McMillen Jacobs has its own crews, so they can pull people off other projects to make sure the Whitewater Park is done on time” said Holloway.

Construction is slated to be completed in the summer of 2019.