Project Win: City of Lewiston – Raw Water Intake Project

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McMillen Jacobs Associates has been awarded an Engineering Services Contract to rehabilitate the City of Lewiston’s existing primary permanent surface water intake (Site C) on the Clearwater River. The Site C intake has failed since its first days of operation in 1980 and has subsequently been abandoned in place. The City has not used the Site C intake since. Our solution will achieve the City’s goal of maximizing the prior capital spent on the existing intake facility while ensuring the newly upgraded facility is capable of providing decades of reliable, low maintenance water supply.

The work will be completed in two separately awarded phases:

Phase 1: Project planning through final design (estimated completion in the second quarter of 2021).

Phase 2: Bidding assistance, construction management, engineering, and inspection from project construction contract award through project close-out.

This project has been awarded USACE Section 595 funding for design and construction. Included as a provision of Section 595 funding, USACE staff will complete the environmental document. Additional funds will be from a State Revolving Fund loan through the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.  The project will be administered by the Public Works Department. The City intends to work closely with McMillen Jacobs to manage the progression of the work, provide information and direction as needed, and to ensure the final product is compatible with the City’s needs and long-term plans.

Our project team will be led by Vincent Autier, Project Manager, while expert technical oversight will be provided by Matt Moughamian. Vincent has been the Project Manager since the inception of the Project and Matt prepared the City’s Raw Water Intake Condition Assessment Report in August 2018.