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Courthouse Commons Inmate Tunnel, San Diego, CA: McMillen Jacobs, developer Holland Acquisition Co. LLC, architects Carrier Johnson, Atkinson Construction, and others have been awarded a contract for the development of Courthouse Commons for the County of San Diego. The project will cover three city blocks in downtown San Diego. McMillen Jacobs is responsible for the design of a three-story underground Transfer Facilities Shaft at the existing County Jail, and a tunnel connecting the shaft with the County Courthouse. The 23-foot-diameter (7 m) modified horseshoe tunnel will be approximately 320 feet (98 m) long in alluvial deposits and cross an active fault.

DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project, Washington DC: McMillen Jacobs continues its presence in the nation’s capital by securing a 3-year assignment to provide program management, construction oversight, and construction phase design services on this CSO Program. The first phase of the combined sewer overflow system (a 7-mile [11 km] segment of the Anacostia River Tunnel), which McMillen Jacobs has worked on since 2009, was put into service in March 2018. In this new work, we will oversee the $560 million Northeast Boundary Tunnel Design-Build Contract and develop procurement documents for the Potomac River Tunnel System as a subconsultant to Greeley and Hanson.

I-35 Stormwater Storage Facility, Minneapolis, MN: SRF Consulting Group Inc., with McMillen Jacobs as a subconsultant, was selected to provide Engineer Estimating Services for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) I-35W Stormwater Storage Facility Project. The project involves construction of new infrastructure using the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) method of procurement to improve collection system capacity to manage stormwater along I-35W where previous flooding has occurred. The project includes large-diameter storage tanks and connection tunnels within the freeway. Our services include developing cost estimates and construction schedules, risk assessments, and design reviews at multiple phases of design.

Fulton Pump Mains Replacement, Portland, OR: McMillen Jacobs Associates was selected by the City of Portland to provide trenchless design services for the Fulton Pump Mains Replacement Project. The project involves installation of approximately 3,350 feet (1,021 m) of new 20-inch (510 mm) pump main. We will be providing trenchless design services. The project involves installation of approximately 3,350 feet (1,021 m) of new 20-inch (510 mm) pump main, including a 300-foot (91 m) section bored under the I-5 Freeway and an approximately 150-foot (46 m) section bored under SW Barbur Blvd.