Sanzara Bridge Build

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Traylor Bros. and McMillen Jacobs Associates have partnered with the humanitarian organization Bridges to Prosperity to build a 60-meter (197 ft) suspended foot bridge in Uganda. We will be sending a volunteer team of 10 engineers and geologists from the two companies to complete the construction of the bridge over a 2-week period. McMillen Jacobs’ team members include David Corkum, Sarah Wilson, Frederic Marquis, Jennifer West and David Sullivan.

The Sanzara Foot Bridge will cross the Sipi River in the municipality of Kawowo in Eastern Uganda. During the rainy season, the Sipi River is prone to flooding and becomes unsafe to cross. Children are cut off from school, and the community cannot reach the market or local healthcare providers without crossing the river. In the last 3 years, 3 people have lost their lives and 10 have been seriously injured during their efforts to cross. This foot bridge, which would not have been possible without external support, will allow the community to safely traverse the river year-round.

Bridges to Prosperity is a nonprofit organization that has built over 250 foot bridges serving over 1 million people in rural and isolated communities across the world. Almost 1 billion people around the world do not have safe access to critical resources like healthcare, education, and employment because of an impassable river.

The team is excited about the trip and deep into planning the build in coordination with an on-the-ground team in Uganda. To learn more, or to donate to our team, please contact Sarah Wilson at