Transformer Replacement Project at Coyote Springs Power Generation Facility Completed

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McMillen Jacobs is excited to announce the completion of the transformer replacement project for the Coyote Springs Power Generation Facility. Located in Boardman, OR, this 22-acre facility is operated by Avista Utilities to provide power for much of the Northwest and supply steam for a range of process industries at the Port of Marrow Industrial Park.

In 2020, McMillen Jacobs was contracted to demolish the existing transformer containment pad and install a larger containment pad in preparation for the work that occurred this year. Following demolition, new construction consisted of 100 tons of #8 rebar, 2-foot-thick concrete slabs, 10-inch-thick concrete walls, and large concrete pedestals to prepare for the new transformers. This work was done during a critical outage and required a substantial amount of pre-planning and coordination to ensure the work could occur efficiently. Despite challenges with the provided firewall system that could have delayed the outage by a month, our teams provided a solution to the sequence of the firewall installation that would still allow consecutive work to continue without causing delay to the project.

The expertise of our Electrical Project Manager and Superintendent allowed us to find solutions to problems prior to causing delays in the critical outage period. Thanks to them and to the 24-hour-a-day commitment from our teams, we were able to complete the work within the outage dates, enabling Avista to re-energize the transformer ahead of schedule.