Water Resources Division Recognizes Integrity Award Winners for 2021

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You heard about our Vision award winners, but did you think we’d forget about those who help us build with Integrity?

Created by our Water Resources division 15 years ago, the integrity award celebrates self-motivated individuals that use their attitudes to elevate our projects to the next level, and continuously help team members arrive at the finish line together. Please help us congratulate this years’ Integrity Award winners – Tucker Robb and David Navarro!

Tucker Robb has proven throughout the year he’s ready for any challenge thrown at him. From stepping up and succeeding in a new management role, to overcoming obstacles at some of our most technically challenging projects, Tucker continuously exceeds the expectations set for him. In his role of Construction Operations Manager, Tucker has spent the last year implementing new planning and training initiatives that bring our construction team to the next level. Not only is he committed to elevating his team, Tucker is also committed to the mentorship and education of the next generation of the field. Serving as President of the Boise State University Construction Management Alumni Association, Tucker is passionate about giving students opportunities to gain hands-on experience and providing leadership on the professional skills needed to be a successful construction manager. Tucker always shows us how our passions can lead us to a great career. We’re excited to see what this next year has in store for him, but even more excited to present him with one of this years’ awards.

David Navarro truly shows what it means to commit to a project to get the job done. Over the past 5 years, David has been an essential part of some of our field crews and has shown true commitment to getting jobs completed on time. Over the last year, David has been instrumental in the work we’ve done at Coolidge Dam. When tasked with a new Foreman position, David stepped up to the challenge and has shown amazing leadership in his new role. Despite 120+ degree weather, fires, snakes, and more, David has won the respect of his team by leading by example. In this role, David has taken the initiative to implement new planning strategies, get involved in the entire Construction Management process, and helped to take the steps needs for use to execute this project. David has shown up day in and day out with the determination to complete this job at the McMillen Jacobs standard. We’re grateful to have such a demanding job in great hands and excited to present him with this award.