Water Resources Division Recognizes Vision Award Winners for 2021

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Did you know that each year we celebrate four team members that have spent the last year representing our core values? As McMillen Jacobs strives to design with vision and build with integrity; we created the Vision and Integrity Awards 15 years ago to recognize the people that make that goal a reality.

The Vision Award honors individuals within our Water Resources Division that have proven to be leaders of the industry while still taking the time and care it takes to mentor and push those around them. Please help us give warm congratulations to James Boag, P.E., and Catrin Bryan – this years’ Vision Award winners!

James Boag stepped into the role as the Mechanical Discipline Lead two years ago. During his time, he’s recruited 4 new mechanical engineers, 1 structural engineer, and an additional CAD team member to join our growing engineering department. James has helped build strong relationships with some of our top clients and continuously sets the bar high as he brings in new project work. He’s committed to mentoring, developing, and growing his mechanical team and enthusiastic about the work we get to do. Those that know James can tell you that he’s often a man of few words, but when he speaks it’s thoughtful, with purpose, and usually a little sarcasm. James is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients, his team, and all those around him; we’re excited to share his story and present him with this honor.

Catrin Bryan served as the president and vice president of the Canadian Dam Association / L’Association canadienne des barrages and currently serves as the Canadian Director, she also serves as a board member of the Northwest Hydroelectric Association (NWHA). She’s been published not just academically, but also featured as a trailblazer in Hydro Leader Magazine’s article titled: Catrin Bryan – Advancing Dam Safety on Both Sides of the US – Canada Border. She’s a fearless mentor providing education to those who are passionate about dams, and a strong advocate for mentoring young women engineers who are focused on growing their careers in this industry. Catrin was one of the first women to get her FERC Part12 Independent Inspection certification, and she has gone on to help several engineers become certified as well. Catrin is sought out and valued by her industry and colleagues for input and advice, and we’re proud to present her with this award.

Stay tuned for our announcement on the individuals who went above and beyond and claimed this years’ Integrity awards!