Cedar Hills Regional Landfill

LOCATION:  Maple Valley, WA   |   OWNER:  King County Solid Waste Division
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The $33 million Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Area 8 Refuse Facility and Area 7 Stage 3 & 4 Closure project consists of two integrated sites adjacent to one another in an unincorporated part of King County, Washington. The closure was completed during two construction seasons, and the Area 8 Facility required over 1 million cubic yards of excavation, placement of various liner systems, and other features.

During construction of the new Area 8 Facility, groundwater conditions were assessed and a new underdrain design was directed to be installed, requiring additional work and time added to the project schedule. McMillen Jacobs was retained to assist and advise the owner, King County, during negotiation of the significant change order. Permitting constraints and the need to open the facility to meet the needs of the growing region in a timely manner were key considerations. Based on review of the contract documents, McMillen Jacobs experts identified the pertinent contractual provisions that applied to the situation to provide compensation to the contractor.