Manitoba Hydro Dam Safety Review

LOCATION:  Manitoba, Canada   |   OWNER:  Manitoba Hydro
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The McArthur hydroelectric generating station (GS) is a 56 MW plant located on the Winnipeg River in Manitoba, Canada. The McArthur GS is 30 km downstream of the Seven Sisters GS. McArthur, which began operations in 1954, consists of an eight-unit powerhouse, an eight-bay spill structure with vertical lift gates, gravity dams, and embankment structures.

To assess the dam safety programs and system performance as measured against the Canadian Dam Association guidelines and industry standard practices, McMillen Jacobs performed an audit-style dam safety review (DSR) for McArthur Falls Dam and Seven Sisters Dam. The audit DSR involved a review of previous DSRs and an inspection of the facilities to help Manitoba Hydro identify gaps or deficiencies and improve their program with new methods and ideas.

The McMillen Jacobs team reviewed documentation, inspected the projects, interviewed operating staff, and performed other analyses, including failure modes. The results were presented and summarized in the dam safety review report. Recommendations were prioritized and cross-referenced with information sources. All of the work was completed on time and within budget.