Swan Cove Pool Restoration Project

LOCATION:  Chincoteague, VA   |   OWNER:  USFWS
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photo credit: USFWS Northeast Region Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

As part of the Hurricane Sandy Resiliency funded program, McMillen Jacobs is currently developing the restoration plan and design for the Swan Cove Pool Restoration Project located in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. USFWS obtained the services of Louisiana State University to develop a large-scale hydrodynamic simulation based on a hydro-marsh equilibrium model. The model results will provide the ecological and hydraulic design basis for the development of restoration alternatives and design for the Swan Cove Pool Restoration.

Project scope is to provide all services necessary to acquire data, prepare project alternatives, cost effectiveness incremental cost analysis, concepts, and construction plans (phase 1) and provide construction management services (phase 2) to restore Swan Cove to full tidal exchange. The pool was historically a tidal marsh and sub-estuary of Little Toms Cove at the Refuge. The sub-estuary was cut off due to the construction of the Beach Access Road. Although a water control structure was installed within the roadway, it did not allow for adequate tidal exchange resulting in restricting natural sediment deposition within Swan Cove.

McMillen Jacobs is also developing alternatives and designs to reconstruct the back-barrier platform in order to achieve a more stable long-term geomorphic setting for the Swan Cove Pool. Material required for the back-barrier improvements will be coordinated with the USACE through their beneficial dredge use program. We are preparing permits including Section 404 and 401 via the USACE and Joint Permit Application (JPA) through the Virginia Resource Commission (VMRC).