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Claims & Construction Consulting

McMillen Jacobs Associates has been providing Claims and Construction Consulting services for over 50 years. Our engineers and consultants are highly regarded professionals who have specialized education and extensive hands-on experience in various engineering and construction management disciplines required for effective resolution of all types of construction claims issues. McMillen Jacobs has a successful track record of thousands of claims projects involving expert testimony and subject matter experts, complex entitlement analyses, critical path method (CPM) delay analysis, productivity and disruption analysis, and damages preparation and analysis.

Our clients include owners, contractors, attorneys, and insurance carriers. Our claims professionals are supported by the strength of our design, engineering, construction, and construction management expertise, offering our clients technical and practical solutions.

We provide the following services:

  • Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution: Expert witness testimony; entitlement analysis; CPM delay, productivity, and damages analysis
  • Construction Consulting: Project extension of staff, project scheduling support, and cost estimating
  • Construction Planning and Scheduling Services: CPM preparation, time extension requests, schedule updating, review and analysis

McMillen Jacobs’ Claims & Construction Consulting provides the following expertise to owners, contractors, attorneys, insurance companies, and sureties:

  • Construction Claims: Preparation and Analysis
  • Project Advisement: Claims Avoidance / Schedule Delay Analysis / Training
  • Baseline CPM Schedule and Schedule Update Review / Analysis
  • Project Controls: CPM Schedule, Change Management, Cost Estimates, Budgets, Risk Analysis
  • Design Professional E&O Standard of Care Review (Design Claims, Insurance Defense)
  • Support for Construction Management in Claims and Schedule Analysis
  • Surety Market Support and Consulting
  • Construction Defect Investigation and Analysis
  • Project Cost Review (Audit)
  • Damages Expertise

Our Claims & Construction Consulting Team is led by the following claims professionals: