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We provide a comprehensive array of technical services to the water and wastewater conveyance market, with an emphasis on large diameter tunnels and pipelines. We maintain offices covering North America, New Zealand, and Australia within which house the following expertise:

  • Tunnel design and construction management
  • Pipeline engineering and construction;
  • Water supply, pumps, and screening systems
  • Tunnel and Pipeline Inspection, Rehabilitation and Repair
  • CSO Control and Storage structures

Tunnels and Pipelines. McMillen Jacobs Associates is known for our expertise in tunnel design and construction management, and engineering and construction of pipelines. We provide this service through every ground condition using industry leading technology. Our expertise to provides unique solutions to clients in clean water who face the challenge of bringing more diverse supply to the end user and wastewater clients who balance environmental compliance with NIMBY pressures.

Water Supply and Pumps and Screening Systems. Our team brings extensive experience in the design of water supply systems including raw water and finished water pumping stations. This includes planning, design, and construction of pump stations ranging from 14,000 horsepower (HP) at a flow rate of 175 million gallons per day (mgd) to 66,000 HP and 600 mgd.

Inspection, Rehabilitation, and Repair. We provide comprehensive inspection services, from planning through design and construction of physical access and deployment of inspection teams. Every inspection includes a chief engineer, who subsequently leads development of rehabilitation and repair designs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

CSO Control and Storage Structures. Drop shafts, consolidation conduits, control structures, settling chambers, and de-aeration basins are a core part of our tunnel and pipeline work. Our structures team is well versed in design of all sizes, in conditions ranging from Melbourne Australia to Ottawa Ontario.