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McMillen Jacobs Associates has been involved in the design and construction of water supply and hydroelectric tunnels for some of the world’s major water providers. In just the last 15 years, we have designed over 120 water tunnels and pipelines. We are known for our expertise in tunnel engineering, pressure tunnel design, as well as engineering of pipeline conduits in ground conditions ranging from soft ground to hard rock. As we look to the future, we see water becoming a more limited and valuable resource. We will continue to provide advanced solutions to water conveyance and storage projects.

McMillen Jacobs has designed and provided construction management on a range of water tunnels and pipelines from smaller conduits constructed via trenchless methods to large diameter tunnels for major water conveyance pipelines with tunnel boring machines. We have designed and constructed water projects in a variety of environments from constrained urban sites to densely forested areas rural areas and underwater crossing in seismically active  regions, our tunnel engineering experience runs the gamut.

In addition to the design of tunnels and shafts our staff has experience with geotechnical investigations and characterizations as well an understanding of hydraulic design criteria and the interface between hydraulic and tunnel design.