Health & Safety

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At McMillen Jacobs, safety is of utmost importance. Our management team is committed to ensuring our employees and subcontractors understand our high standards in safety. Whether it’s self-performing a fisheries or hydropower construction project in Alaska, Hawaii, or California or performing design and on-site construction management of a large tunnel, transit, or conveyance project in Australia, New Zealand, New York, or Seattle, safety remains a top priority in our firm. Our engineers, construction team, and managers are trained in occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and/or mine safety and health administration (MSHA) regulations.

Standards: Why we do what we do. McMillen Jacobs’ goal is to set the standard in the industry for best safety practices in order to build and maintain an environment and culture where our team feels safe, empowered, and engage.

Education: How we do what we do. Education for our team and each other through training and skills development provides opportunities for us to support, enable, and encourage one another on our continuous improvement journey.

Executing: What we do. Executing on the straightforward principle of saying “what we do” and doing “what we say” helps us maintain action items that are simple, effective, and efficient.