Isabelle Lamb

LG, Australia/New Zealand Region Manager
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Isabelle Lamb is the Australia/New Zealand Region Manager and a Principal Design Manager in our Underground and Tunnelling Division. She has 32 years of experience in the management, design, and construction of tunnels, underground structures, and the associated surface facilities for transit, water/wastewater conveyance, and roadway projects. She has a geological/geotechnical background and has worked on infrastructure and underground projects throughout the Australia/New Zealand region. She also served as tunnel design lead, project manager and design manager for Sound Transit’s University Link, Northgate Link Extension and East Link Extension E360 light rail projects in Seattle, Washington. Isabelle holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering from the University of Melbourne and both a Post Graduate Diploma and BS in Geology from Otago University. She is a Licensed Geologist in the State of Washington.