Marissa Emmons

Vice President, Director of Business Development
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Ms. Emmons serves as a Vice President and Water Resources Director of Business Development at McMillen. She is a member of the McMillen Board of Directors and is responsible for executing the company’s marketing strategies, tactical plans, corporate branding, existing customer communications, and corporate communications. Ms. Emmons has been in the consulting industry for 20 years with specific experience in project management, construction management, marketing, and public relations. Ms. Emmons has been instrumental in the expansion of McMillen’s client and project expansion from the Pacific Northwest to the Western United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. She has led the development and growth of new market sectors, mapping out project range, locations, financial viability, applicable services to be marketed, and competitors. She has developed relationships with prospective clients to garner new business opportunities. Ms. Emmons has work directly with clients to understand and meet their expectations and leverage work to develop further or follow-on business opportunities for McMillen. She has spearheaded client development discussions and lead major pursuit efforts for federal, state, and private clients. She has lead project teams in all phases of the execution and delivery of complex pursuits.