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Our Vision of the Future

McMillen Jacobs Associates bring together a geographic presence, acclaimed industry reputation, and most importantly a shared vision. Our combined talent will allow us to provide the technical expertise to support clients and projects locally and around the world.   We know there are challenges ahead such as solving water shortages, congested streets and highways in major cities, as well as rural communities becoming less dependent on diesel. McMillen Jacobs Associates brings the combined talent of engineers, scientists, and builders to solve these demands.

We have the ability to maintain our technical excellence all while adjusting to the demands of the future. McMillen Jacobs Associates bring our clients;

  • The ability to innovate
  • Technical expertise that is constructible
  • First-hand experience with all project delivery methods
  • The highest level of client service and quality

Simply put, we: Design with Vision. Build with Integrity.”

Innovation: We will continue to provide cutting edge innovations, think beyond the boundaries, and provide solutions to difficult challenges as we have over the last 60 years.

Technical Expertise: We will continue our ability to bring fully integrated, multi-disciplinary, and highly talented teams to the table. Known in our industry to provide a vast array of services for the underground sector and water resource market we will continue to expand this technical expertise. We will focus on developing new technologies, designing to a budget, and solving infrastructure needs locally and around the world.

Project Delivery: Selecting the right delivery method is critical to the success of a project and depends on a wide range of factors. McMillen Jacobs Associates is unique in the diverse and broad range of delivery methods we can provide. This experience provides us with the flexibility and know-how to guide clients in understanding all the risks and benefits of virtually any type of delivery method across many project types. Few firms offer this blend of procurement and technical expertise. We have:

Client Service: Above all, our goal is to maintain the highest level of client service possible. Our firm’s size is a balance between the ability to provide complete services for a project and being flexible enough to adjust to our clients’ needs. For over 60 years we have always placed a premium on a “client first” attitude, and this will continue to be a core value at McMillen Jacobs Associates.